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Can’t play like this on Facebook

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Is this any way to treat a full British citizen? | Life & Style.


Well here i am and i am clueless.

All signed up and ready to go and completely devoid of any ideas about what to blog about.And if anyone can help me find the reason why if i press return  at the end of a sentence i get a double spacing between lines …like this

see ! annoying is not the word .

It does this in live writer and the word press writer.



All about me .

ooh pretty.

I am well impressed with this new theme i found ,i really like it this time 🙂

All i got to do now is think of some thing to write ?

Tiger In The Mist

I wrote this poem some time ago and many of you may remember it .
It has always been a favourite of mine
When i read it, it transports me to another place and time .
I feel the strength and life force of the tiger and his awesome power
yet he chooses with mercy to walk on into the night.
I am reprinting it now as a tribute to that earlier time
and though now much diminished by illness
my heart is still that of the tiger and he will always be with me . 
Tiger in the Mist.
The night a cloak, I pass softly by.
Unseen , unheard,I sense where you lie.
A scent ,an enticement hangs in the mist,
My senses aroused,but the hunt I resist.
This night will pass gently, a dream undisturbed,
Angels guard you, their pleas have been heard.
As I move slowly on,
Through the mist, soft unseen
No trace of my passing is part of your dream.
Sleep on while angels rest at your feet
Keep them close
For your soul they keep.
Robin Pritchard
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whinge !

Hello anyone ?

I got live writer sorted for this place but cocked up with friends and signed them up as ‘contributors’ which as Anne kindly pointed out this made them all share my site lol.

so now i got to figure out how i link to other people here and how we see each other ?


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